Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Daniel & Becky's Wedding Aug. 07

Precious baby moment with mom and dad.

The guys are lookin great, aren't they?? The littlest one is my favorite - he's lookin like a real cowboy. :-)
I love this photo. This old truck was so cool with the flowers and the skulls around it. The clouds in the background were so blue and dark - it made for a gorgeous photo. The clouds really matched the blues in the wedding party. :-)
Check out this gorgeous couple. They are lookin handsome...hmmmhm.
Becky had always wanted to do a pose like this. It was fun. :-)

This guy is now locked in for life - no better place to be once you've said I do. The grass is not greener on the other side man and will never be. God has some great plans for your lives, just walk with Him and trust completely in His plan for you.

Big moment for dad to walk his only girl down the isle. Another precious moment.
One last kiss on the cheek for his little girl before she's someone else's girl. I love the look on the little guys face to the left - I wonder what's goin through his mind at this time.
This is one of the most beautiful action done at weddings now. Here the bride is pouring her own sand, the groom is pouring his and the minister is pouring sand which represents God in their marriage. Once these sands are all mixed together, there's nothing that will ever happen that will make the sand their own again - they are all joined together and nothing can separate what has been joined - their lives will never be the same again, and they won't be their own again. It is a sand covenant which cannot ever go back to the way it was. Absolutely beautiful!!

The moment after the signing of the papers and the pouring of the sand covenant. The smiles are huge and the love is so evident between these two - just look at those smiles. :-)

Another precious moment with mom. I love this photo in the sepia tone - it just adds such authenticity to the picture and captures the moment better. Little Abby is such a darling.

My sister's beautiful family. I loved this setting for these photos. This old barn added such character along with the dark clouds in the background. One gorgeous family that Becky's a part of - and with Daniel in it now, another boy for Matilda to keep in line. :-) God bless this family.

The brook in behind the museum made such a great setting for this couple shot. This is one of my favorite poses with the bride and groom, I use it a lot.

Posted by PicasaI love these shots where the bridal party is makin a run for it towards the camera. :-) I had to do everything I could not to laugh myself because they're all laughing so much tryin to stay together and trip on each other. It's great!

Another one of my favorite shots to take are hand shots - especially when the focus is on the rings, the covenant of marriage on the couples hands. The flowers are always great backgrounds to do these hand shots with.

Wallace's Studio in Vanderhoof, BC did an excellent job of developing the photos for me in a very limited amount of time so that I could put the book together for Becky & Daniel before I returned home to SK. Thanks so much Kevin and staff for your help in making this day and these photos a success. God bless you!

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