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Appreciation for Saskatchewan Calendars

"Lisa your calendars look wonderful - they are awesome! Everyone loved the calendars - got the most comments from the guys about the car calendar!" - Rolna Pranke from ReMax in Yorkton, SK

"I attended a Christian Counselling dessert theatre and they had some calendars featuring your photography. Awesome to see your calendars and wonderful talent being used for fundraisers." - E.P. from Saskatoon, SK

"Last year I was able to purchase your calendars through a group in Caronport who used your calendars as a fundraiser to go on a missions trip to Bolivia. I would love to purchase more calendars again this year. I love them so much and I want to give them to all my family for Christmas." - S. B. - from Caronport, SK

"Lisa, we recently received from the Checkered Flag in Martensville the 2010 Saskatchewan Classics calendar that you put together. I am very impressed and thrilled to see a calendar strutting local beauties. My husband and I car buffs and can appreciate the work that it takes to get these cars into “calendar ready”. Thanks for putting this calendar together. It’s a keeper!" -Vicky Giesbrecht, Martensville, SK

"You did a beautiful job on the SK Classics's great to see Saskatchewan cars on it for a change." - Evan Davis, Service Mgr. at Naber Ford in Shellbrook, SK and member of the Klassic Kruizers Kar Klub in Prince Albert, SK

"Took a look at your website...very well done with the calendars! Blessings to you!"
- Bryan Conrad from Ebenezer Baptist Church, Saskatoon, SK

"Very impressive calendars, Lisa! Hope all goes really well for you! I wish you great success!"
- Carolyn Bergen from Bergen & Associates in Winnipeg, MB

"Lisa, I found your calendars through Google! Also, we are getting many compliments on the Calendars we bought from you; they are a high quality, classy product!" - Martin

"Beautiful photos Lisa!....awesome pics....I love your perspective and your journalling on each beautiful and I love the verses your chose on the Inspirational Calendar!" - comments from various Facebook friends. :-)

"Very nice calendars, very happy with the quality - they are very attractive. Customers were very happy with the appearance and the finish of the calendars." -
Rick Casavant, Sales Mgr. at Warman Homes in Warman, SK

Everyone enjoyed the pictures and the scripture verses. Job well done!" - Ed at Golding Service in Borden, SK

The Saskatchewan scenes combined with uplifting Scripture verses serve as a source of inspiration for each person who received the calendar. Christian Counselling Services utilized these calendars to raise funds for people in our community in need of counselling and support. What a beautiful way to invite people to reach out and support those in need of hope, healing, and peace in our very own community! - Bee Jay Carter, Executive Director at Christian Counselling Services in Saskatoon, SK

"I find these calendars to be a work of art - not JUST a calendar. Everybody loves to hang these in their homes and businesses." - Ted at Theodore's Bakery in Martensville, SK

"Calendars are very demanding - people always ask for them - strangers are asking for them too because they are local. I am very pleased with the product." - Grant Lehmann at Shell Lake Service in Shell Lake, SK

"People were appreciative of these calendars and loved the photography and the design. They really liked the Inspirational verses on the photos in the Inspirational calendar." - Jerry at Abe's Signs in Saskatoon, SK

"Very pleased with the calendar - it was a positive calendar that represented our province very well. The Inspirational message on each month was meaningful and added to the whole package." - Jim at Logan's Bigway Foods in Christopher Lake, SK

"Very beautiful - pictures were fantastic! Scriptures went well with the photos. One lady commented that she never hangs up a calendar in her kitchen - but this one she did because she loved the photos and the scriptures so much!" - Jodi at Prairie Christian Academy in Saskatoon, SK

"Very good calendar - everyone likes the local photos and the quality." - Brian at Blaine Lake General Store in Blaine Lake, SK

"Awesome!! Nice to see local SK pictures!" - Spencer at Bramshott Spirits in Leask, SK

"Local photos from the province have been greatly appreciated. Good quality photos and great composition. People love the local scenic pictures. Being local - all the better!" - Gerald at Dalmeny Funeral Home in Dalmeny, SK

"The clients are pleased to see the local pictures - that's what interests them the most - local pictures and photographer." - Richard at Kessler Agencies in Warman, SK

"Everything good - service is good - personal touch is excellent. Lots of people asking for them because of the local SK scenes. No complaints whatsoever." - Annette at Westbank Welding in Marcelin, SK

"Beautiful pictures - very nice calendar. Will order again and again." - Marc at Dalmeny Accounting in Dalmeny, SK

"Thank you for the calendars. The pictures were awesome. They have been a great marketing tool for us as they were snapped up very quickly. I will definitely order them again, only this time I will get more. Thanks again." - John at Vern's Pizza in Martensville, SK

We are very pleased with the wonderful photos and appropriate scripture on the 2009 inspirational calendars. We'll be ordering double for 2010." - Ernie at Hoeppner's Insurance in Blaine Lake, SK

"The photos are beautiful and everyone loved the calendars!" - Kristina at Zak's Building Supplies and Contracting in Hague, SK

“Turning the page of each calendar month with scriptures and beautiful scenery is truly a gift. There is so much in creation that is inspirational to begin with and then adding the Word of God to it reiterates the artist behind it all, the author and perfector of our faith- Jesus Christ. Thanks Lisa for using your creativity for practical everyday use!” - Jodi Kozan Founder/Director of Women’s Journey of Faith in Saskatoon

"Calendars/pictures are fantastic! People love opening up the calendar and recognizing local pictures." - Darwin at OK Tire & Auto Service in Warman, SK

"We have been ordering Lisa's calendars for several years. Our clients are thrilled to have pictures that are symbolic of the prairies. They are especially appreciated by the clients that now reside out of province." - Linda at McGregor Financial Inc. in Saskatoon, SK

"We've really appreciated the Inspirational Calendars with the original SK photos. People that have received them from Teen Challenge have really appreciated them as well. Brad Wall and members of the SK Party have been given the calendars and have really liked them. Thank you so much! They are an inspiration to many with such a message of hope." - Drew Byers from Teen Challenge in Saskatoon, SK

"I'm a painter but haven't had the time or the desire to paint for a number of years. I was given one of your calendars from the Saskatoon Christian School and have absolutely loved it. The photos and the verses have inspired me to pick up my paintbrush and begin painting again. Praise God!" - Laura in Saskatoon, SK

"I've loved how you captured photographs of animals in the moment - you gotta be there at the right time to get those photos. Great calendars!
" - Lanette Voth in Vanscoy, SK - SK Barrel Racer and Independent Consultant with Arbonne International

"I am writing to tell you that I really enjoy your calendar. It is awesome to see Saskatchewan highlighted in this way. There is no place on earth that can rival Saskatchewan for it's seasons, views and photo opportunities. Thanks be to God! Keep up the good work!" - from a letter I received in the mail

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2011 Saskatchewan Prairie Scenes

Well, here you have it....the 2011 Saskatchewan Prairie Scenes calendar filled with photos from our beautiful province. Orders for these calendars are being taken until June 18, 2010. If you'd like to order any of these calendars, please contact me at

Cover photo - Chamberlain, SK
In every town you drive through in Saskatchewan, you will notice a Canadian flag and a Saskatchewan flag flying together through the air. :-) A very typical sight you see and it won't matter which town you're in...the flags are hung and waving at you in the breeze. I hadn't actually noticed this part of SK until just this past summer. It's one of those things you just take for granted I think and don't really think about it too much. While my hubby and I were driving through Chamberlain this past summer on a windy day, I looked up and saw the beautiful white puffy clouds and these two flags flying together. It took a few shots to get them waving nearly perfectly at me so that I could see their full colors. This was as close as I got....after about 25 tries. :-)

January - Memorial Lake, SK
Oh, this beautiful mamma was watching me through the trees one lovely winter day while I was at Memorial Lake. When I drove up, I had spooked her out of her winter bed in the trees and she just stood there and watched as I snapped a few shots of her beauty. Don't you just love her?

February - Rosthern, SK
Grain elevators in our communities are becoming a thing of the past...they're being torn down in so many places already. This one in Rosthern is still standing and is still being used. I loved the sky this day as the sun was setting.

March - Borden Bridge, SK
What memories I have of coming to this place fishing or picnicing with my parents and siblings. Dad loved to go for a drive and go fishing down by the river. This place used to have a lovely little campground and picnic area. The bridge is no longer being used but I love how they've kept it here so we can walk along it and still take photos. A two lane bridge now stands on the other side of it. During any season, the riverbanks and the bridges are always a breathtaking scene to take in....anytime you come up over the hill and see the riverbank, I love it. :-)

April - Saskatoon, SK
Another bridge beauty to behold. Saskatoon is indeed the city of bridges. The new waterfront walkway they have along the riverbank here is wonderful and a great place to go for family bikerides, runs, or walks with your pets. The Victoria Bridge is the oldest in this city and is very picturesque. The river was so calm and it was a gorgeous sunset on the river this night...very peaceful.

May - near Hafford, SK
I've always wanted to get a photo of a hawk on a fencepost and here I got one. :-) This beauty was "posting" and watchin the fields for small rodents to pick that would've been a great shot! One day I'll get one of those shots too. It's hard to capture a hawk on a post though because as soon as you stop your vehicle, they fly away and they're gone. I'm thankful to have been able to get this shot.

June - Mistawasis First Nations, SK
Driving through a couple of First Nations Reserves this past summer and capturing a few photos of the churches and this old schoolhouse beside an old cemetary. I can just picture the kids in this one room schoolhouse, running around with their lunchboxes and playing on the wooden seesaws and swings. :-) I love how the windows have been painted with the green lines and the fencelines just add that special touch to the photo. :-)

July - Emma Lake, SK
At this lake, it is just the perfect spot for sunset photos. I love how the docks and boats give more definition and character to the "old sunset" pictures. Definitely one of my favorite peaceful places to be.

August - Chamberlain, SK
Ok, I know this is a dandelion....but there's beauty in it. :-) Dandelions are very much a part of Saskatchewan...and so is combining. I just love the character of this "beautiful flower" with the combine and tractor equipment in the background. It's a different type of shot.

September - near Martens Lake, SK
On one of our numerous drives past this place, I had my mom along. My dad just passed away this past June and he was my mom's one and only love. So, I took her here and had her stand in this field with the house in the background. She loves yellow too so it was a perfect shot. It's a good memory for me. No, she's not in this picture -it's not a trick shot :-) but now that I've shared the story with you, I'm sure you can picture a dear little old lady standing to the left of the house surrounded by yellow thinkin of her one love here on earth. :-)

October - near Flaxcombe, SK
Came across this place on a drive back from Calgary this past winter. I loved the character of the old car together with the wagon wheels by the fenceline. Thought it made a great fall photo.

November - near Warman, SK
This barn brings back good memories for many great folks. I love the contrast of the red against the white of the light front. It was a foggy day when I took this photograph but sometimes those can be the best pictures. We didn't have too much snow yet so I was able to drive onto the field and walk closer to get a better shot. Now we have more snow so I'd probably get stuck. :-)

December - near Blaine Lake, SK
I love these big trees that stand alone in the fields...I've had a few of them in the calendars already but they each have such character on their own. When I look at this photo, my eye wants to follow the road on the right and also the fenceline on the left. We pass this tree many a time when we're driving out towards Blaine Lake. I just love how the sun peaks through the clouds and casts such a haze all over the clouds. Beautiful!

Well I hope you've enjoyed this journey through the 2011 Saskatchewan Prairie Scenes. I'm already looking forward to the printed copy of them. :-)

2011 Inspirational - Churches of Saskatchewan

Welcome friends, following are the photographs and stories of the 2011 Inspirational Churches of Saskatchewan Calendar. These calendars are available for sale from now until June 18, 2010. They will be printed in summer and distributed in September/October of 2010. If you'd like to purchase the calendars personally or for your business, you may email me at I hope you enjoy the scenes and the stories. Hope to hear from you soon.

near Krydor, SK - cover photo
I've always wanted to put together a SK churches calendar and here it is. :-)
The above photo was taken along the highway between Blaine Lake and Krydor but I was using my long lens as it was quite a long ways off. In the distance somewhere is Redberry Lake. I just love those little churches in the country...reminds me of an old hymn my parents loved so much "There's a church in the valley by the wildwood, no lovlier place in the spot is so dear to my childhood than the little brown church in the dell." Something like that - I can't remember all the words. :-)

Vanscoy, SK - January photo
One weekend we drove out to Outlook for a basketball tournament with our son. The morning came and we had to leave bright and early and Oh MY! The frost was just so beautiful so of course I had to grab my camera and leave a littler earlier to make a few extra pit stops. :-) My family didn't even mind this time cause they knew I was praying for a frosty morning so that I could go snap some great church shots.,,,and God answered my prayer. :-) The sun wasn't shining but that was still makes for such a great photo.
Cudworth, SK - February photo
We had been out for another basketball tournament with our son and came across this lovely church in the town of Cudworth. One of the great opportunities of living in a small town and having your kids involved in sports, you get to travel to other small towns and communities around SK. Along with seeing all these great communities, you also have great chances to capture memories and photographs of God's creation. I love taking photos of churches and I love the distinction of all the different church buildings. Oh, and the crosses, they're so beautiful! And each one can be so unique in itself as well. I love the craftmanship of these churches.

Chamberlain, SK - March photo
My hubby and I were out for a drive to Chamberlain to go trade his car for another car. Of course I grabbed my camera knowing that I'd have an opportunity to take some shots of whatever God put in my path. While we were in Chamberlain, I walked around the little village while the guys talked prices about the cars. I came across this old church near the ridge by the valley at the edge of town. The clouds were just perfect at the time and I fell in love with the steeples. It didn't look like the church was being used anymore and that always makes me sad but it sure didn't stop me from taking a few photos. :-)

Borden, SK - April photo
One day I had to head out to Borden for a photo shoot for the Living Light newspaper. It was a nice day and after the shoot, I drove around town looking for the church. I instantly loved this small church nestled in the trees with the simple cross on top of the steeple and also another cross on the front of the peaked roof. As I was taking photos of the church, I prayed for the families in this town as it wasn't that long ago that a van full of young Borden basketball players were in a fatal accident - they were on their way to play a game against the team that my son plays on and the game was at our school. I had come across the accident right after it happened, I was on my way to the school to pick up my son. My heart just cried out "why her Lord, why this mom & her son and not me & my son?" Oh it was so hard to see and even harder to imagine what this mom was going through. I've never stopped praying for her. We can't always answer the why questions of life and it is not always easy to continue on. But with the strength of our Lord, we can carry on under the comfort of His Wings. I pray for you, families of Borden, each time I think of you. God be with you.

Muskeg Lake First Nation, SK - May photo
During the summer months, I co-ordinate 5 day Bible clubs for children ages 5-12 and have often driven along with the youth workers who drive around SK to teach these 1 week clubs to kids. It's fun to see the kids hearing the Bible stories, sometimes for the first time, and singing the songs, repeating the memory verses, handing in their lessons and playing the games. These youth workers devote their entire summer to traveling around our great province to teach these kids clubs in communities all over SK. This particular week, we drove to the Muskeg Lake First Nation to share with the kids there. Across the road from where the club was, there was a gorgeous lake behind this quaint little church located next to a graveyard. What an incredible setting! I just couldn't resist heading over the road and snapping a few shots. It was a perfect country setting.

Prince Albert, SK - June photo
After dropping our girls off at camp, we drove through parts of PA. We saw the crosses of this church rising over the tops of the trees and just had to come on over and take some photos. I love the differences of all these churches. Each one is so unique and has a character all it's own. On this same day, we had just dropped our son off as well - he had just left to go on a Missions Trip with other youth across the city - they were off to Trinidad. My hubby and I were looking forward to a week alone together. Little did we know that God had different plans for us that week which included burying my father after his 77 years of life. It was a difficult week and even more difficult telling the kids that their grampa passed away. I'm thankful for some good memories with my dad...some are difficult memories as well, but God is good and I am thankful for forgiveness and restitution of relationships. I spent many years going to church as a child and even though I didn't always understand everything or appreciate the guidelines in our home and in the church, I can understand better now. God has helped me to see my father in a different light and the last couple of years of his life, our relationship was much better than it had ever been. I am very thankful for that. My father instilled in me the importance of taking your family to have fellowship in church each week and to grow in the knowledge of the Bible.

Mistawasis First Nation, SK - July photo
On the same day that I was driving around SK with a youth worker who was teaching the 5 day kids clubs in communities around SK, we also drove through the Mistawasis Reserve as well. It wasn't far at all from the Muskeg Reserve. When I saw the white of the church poking through the fields, :-) I just had to drive down that summer road and check out this little beauty. I was so pleased to see the bell standing atop a cement pillar in front of the church, which obviously used to sit up in the steeple. I loved the location of this building as well, nestled in the trees beside a graveyard down a narrow summer road. These are the best places out in the country.

near Mont Nebo, SK - August photo
There's the cutest little church - St. Luke's Anglican Church just north of Mont Nebo as you're driving towards Sandy Lake Reserve. It's really small and down a narrow summer road as well. Some of the tombstones behind these small country churches have dates from the 1800's on them. Can you just imagine the stories that these people who attended these quaint country churches have to share with us? Oh, how I'd love to hear some of those stories.

near Big Shell, SK - September photo
Scandia Church, just west of Big Shell, is around 100 years old I've been told, or maybe over by now. I had the privilege of taking wedding photos a few years ago, for a lovely young couple who got married in this church. Many of the guests had to stand outside, but it was a beautiful summer day. We enjoyed taking a bunch of fun photos of the wedding party running down the summer road that was wrapped with an archway of old trees....beautiful. :-) During the winter months, the snowmobile trail comes by the church here as well. Another treat to this lovely country near this church are all the deer trails and the other wild animals that roam around. I'd love to get some photos of some of these animals and hopefully God will grant that desire someday soon so that I can put more of those photos in these calendars I enjoy making so much. :-)

Saskatoon, SK - October photo
Ah, one of my favorite places to be. How I love to walk in the doors and see the smiles and receive the handshakes and hugs of so many of my extended family members. "How I love to part of the family of God...." another song my mother loved to sing back in the day. :-) This is truly my home away from home...a place to rest, to laugh, to cry, to pray, to celebrate, to use my gifts...and to praise my Lord, the God of my life, my Savior and my King.....along with my other brothers and sisters in the Lord.
On the particular day that I took this photo, the sun was shining, obviously, :-) and there was not a cloud in the sky...and it was a cold crisp morning. I loved the suns rays shining over the cross of my home away from home.

Laura, SK - November photo
Driving back from Calgary one weekend, after attending a Women's Journey of Faith conference with a bunch of other great ladies in my life, we passed by a sign that said Laura. Well if you blinked, you'd miss it. I think I counted 2 houses in this town, or hamlet. But then my eye caught this old deserted church building. The ladies in my van were very forgiving as I turned around so we could come scope out this lovely old church. Don't you just love the steeple on this beauty? What a beautiful church this must have been in it's day. But it did make me sad to see such a lovely building, lost and deserted and run down. As I was taking photos of it, I sensed some eyes on me and as I turned my eyes to the left, I saw a doberman watching me through the bushes. Yikes! That sure made me freeze in my tracks a bit....I was very thankful that he/she was tied up. :-) I finished taking my photos and climbed back into my van then I drove it down the road and turned around once more and took this shot from the safety of the van....but with the eyes of the black doberman still clearly focused on me. :-) But the verse was already etched in my mind to write on this photo "What good fellowship we enjoyed as we walked to the House of the Lord." I can just picture the young girls in their petticoats running around and watching the handsome boys as their families gathered around visiting and having fellowship with one another. Great place for a picnic....minus the dog. :-)

Outlook, SK - December photo
We were out for a basketball tournament out in Outlook this weekend and between games, I took the girls and went for a little drive through the town...had to fill up with gas anyway. :-) Yep, I had my camera along and I was scoping the treetops for the church steeples I so longed to find. Low and behold, here was another one that I had not yet gotten a photo of. The frost on the trees across the street from this church gave a beautiful frame for these 3 crosses. Reminds me of the 3 crosses that stood on Golgotha so many years ago where my Jesus hung on the cross with 2 other men on their crosses on either side of him. To the one man he said, "Today you shall be with me in Paradise." Why? Because the man believed that Jesus was the Son of God. Just a couple months ago, I stood on the base of that hill where those 3 crosses once stood along the Damascus Road heading into Jerusalem. I walked the streets in the Old City where Jesus carried His cross on the way to his crucifixion. I saw the empty tomb in the Garden where He no longer lay because He rose again to live in Heaven with His Father preparing a home for us too. Are you ready my friend? Oh how wonderful it will be one day, when with our Savior we will forever be...where there will be no more tears, no more pain, no more hurt....only joy and peace and love.

Thanks for journeying through these memories with me. I pray that you are blessed through these photos, stories and the calendars. God bless you all!

2011 Saskatchewan Classics Calendar

Once again, I've thoroughly enjoyed putting together the 2nd annual SK Classics calendar for you. Many thanks go to Joe, Ken, Mark, Sam, Jack, Norm, Brian, and Darren for giving me the privilege of photographing their beauties and sharing them with you in this calendar. :-) Every car person that I've run into has been very appreciative of having a local classics calendar. I'll be looking for more classics to photograph so contact me at You can view the flyer in a post below which shows you the cost of the calendars. They're great for your businesses as I put an imprint of your business name and logo on the bottom of the calendars and then you use them to give out to your customers at the end of the year. Orders are being taken now until June 18/10.

Welcome to the 2011 Saskatchewan Classics Calendar showcasing photos of local classics in our surrounding communities. If you'd like to order these calendars, please contact me at

January photo taken at Langham, SK

February photo taken west of Waldheim, SK

March photo taken south of Saskatoon, SK

April photo taken at Langham, SK

May photo taken at Saskatoon, SK

June & cover photo taken at Langham, SK

July photo taken south of Saskatoon, SK

August photo taken south of Saskatoon, SK

September photo taken south of Saskatoon, SK

October photo taken at Saskatoon, SK
(Valley Kruzers club Member)

November photo taken north of Saskatoon, SK at Cathedral Bluffs
(Valley Kruzers club Member)

December photo taken west of Martensville, SK
(Valley Kruzers club Member)

Tyler & Amanda's Engagement Pics