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2011 Saskatchewan Prairie Scenes

Well, here you have it....the 2011 Saskatchewan Prairie Scenes calendar filled with photos from our beautiful province. Orders for these calendars are being taken until June 18, 2010. If you'd like to order any of these calendars, please contact me at

Cover photo - Chamberlain, SK
In every town you drive through in Saskatchewan, you will notice a Canadian flag and a Saskatchewan flag flying together through the air. :-) A very typical sight you see and it won't matter which town you're in...the flags are hung and waving at you in the breeze. I hadn't actually noticed this part of SK until just this past summer. It's one of those things you just take for granted I think and don't really think about it too much. While my hubby and I were driving through Chamberlain this past summer on a windy day, I looked up and saw the beautiful white puffy clouds and these two flags flying together. It took a few shots to get them waving nearly perfectly at me so that I could see their full colors. This was as close as I got....after about 25 tries. :-)

January - Memorial Lake, SK
Oh, this beautiful mamma was watching me through the trees one lovely winter day while I was at Memorial Lake. When I drove up, I had spooked her out of her winter bed in the trees and she just stood there and watched as I snapped a few shots of her beauty. Don't you just love her?

February - Rosthern, SK
Grain elevators in our communities are becoming a thing of the past...they're being torn down in so many places already. This one in Rosthern is still standing and is still being used. I loved the sky this day as the sun was setting.

March - Borden Bridge, SK
What memories I have of coming to this place fishing or picnicing with my parents and siblings. Dad loved to go for a drive and go fishing down by the river. This place used to have a lovely little campground and picnic area. The bridge is no longer being used but I love how they've kept it here so we can walk along it and still take photos. A two lane bridge now stands on the other side of it. During any season, the riverbanks and the bridges are always a breathtaking scene to take in....anytime you come up over the hill and see the riverbank, I love it. :-)

April - Saskatoon, SK
Another bridge beauty to behold. Saskatoon is indeed the city of bridges. The new waterfront walkway they have along the riverbank here is wonderful and a great place to go for family bikerides, runs, or walks with your pets. The Victoria Bridge is the oldest in this city and is very picturesque. The river was so calm and it was a gorgeous sunset on the river this night...very peaceful.

May - near Hafford, SK
I've always wanted to get a photo of a hawk on a fencepost and here I got one. :-) This beauty was "posting" and watchin the fields for small rodents to pick that would've been a great shot! One day I'll get one of those shots too. It's hard to capture a hawk on a post though because as soon as you stop your vehicle, they fly away and they're gone. I'm thankful to have been able to get this shot.

June - Mistawasis First Nations, SK
Driving through a couple of First Nations Reserves this past summer and capturing a few photos of the churches and this old schoolhouse beside an old cemetary. I can just picture the kids in this one room schoolhouse, running around with their lunchboxes and playing on the wooden seesaws and swings. :-) I love how the windows have been painted with the green lines and the fencelines just add that special touch to the photo. :-)

July - Emma Lake, SK
At this lake, it is just the perfect spot for sunset photos. I love how the docks and boats give more definition and character to the "old sunset" pictures. Definitely one of my favorite peaceful places to be.

August - Chamberlain, SK
Ok, I know this is a dandelion....but there's beauty in it. :-) Dandelions are very much a part of Saskatchewan...and so is combining. I just love the character of this "beautiful flower" with the combine and tractor equipment in the background. It's a different type of shot.

September - near Martens Lake, SK
On one of our numerous drives past this place, I had my mom along. My dad just passed away this past June and he was my mom's one and only love. So, I took her here and had her stand in this field with the house in the background. She loves yellow too so it was a perfect shot. It's a good memory for me. No, she's not in this picture -it's not a trick shot :-) but now that I've shared the story with you, I'm sure you can picture a dear little old lady standing to the left of the house surrounded by yellow thinkin of her one love here on earth. :-)

October - near Flaxcombe, SK
Came across this place on a drive back from Calgary this past winter. I loved the character of the old car together with the wagon wheels by the fenceline. Thought it made a great fall photo.

November - near Warman, SK
This barn brings back good memories for many great folks. I love the contrast of the red against the white of the light front. It was a foggy day when I took this photograph but sometimes those can be the best pictures. We didn't have too much snow yet so I was able to drive onto the field and walk closer to get a better shot. Now we have more snow so I'd probably get stuck. :-)

December - near Blaine Lake, SK
I love these big trees that stand alone in the fields...I've had a few of them in the calendars already but they each have such character on their own. When I look at this photo, my eye wants to follow the road on the right and also the fenceline on the left. We pass this tree many a time when we're driving out towards Blaine Lake. I just love how the sun peaks through the clouds and casts such a haze all over the clouds. Beautiful!

Well I hope you've enjoyed this journey through the 2011 Saskatchewan Prairie Scenes. I'm already looking forward to the printed copy of them. :-)

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