Monday, March 12, 2007

Shell Lake Brochure

It's hot off the press!! The brand new Shell Lake brochure!
([pictured above are the front and back flaps of the brochure)
I was blessed with the wonderful opportunity to take part in creating a new Shell Lake brochure featuring everything this wonderful community in Saskatchewan has to offer. Numerous photos of mine (and God's) :-) photos were used in this brochure. I want to thank the Shell Lake Chamber of Commerce for inviting me to take part in this wonderful project. I also want to thank Page One Printing in Saskatoon, SK for doing a superb job in creating this masterpiece. It was fun to do!!

Here's what the inside pages look like:

above are the 2 pages just inside the front cover

and these two are the very inside four flaps

If you'd like any brochures made, contact me and we'll see what I can create for you as well.

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