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2009 Inspirational Calendar

Here are some of the photos for the 2009 Inspirational Calendar. The prices will be the same as last year - $2.00/calendar with black imprint on the bottom or $2.50/calendar with color imprint on the bottom showing your business company and logo. The minimum order is 100 calendars. Early deadline for orders is June 15/08. Fall orders will be available but it will only be on a first come first serve basis. The orders that I receive now until June will determine how many the printer will print for me and how many extras they will print for me for late fall orders. So, please get your orders in early to guarantee calendars for your business. :-) lisaspics@sasktel.net Also, if you'd like more information on using these calendars for a fundraiser, please contact me.

If you wish to see the photographs larger, then just double click onto the photograph itself. Please remember that it is illegal to copy photos that are not yours - so please do not copy these pictures for any reason. Please ask for my permission if you would like to use these photographs for anything. Thanks.

cover photo taken in Jasper National Park, AB
as I stood there looking at this beauty with my family when we were on a family holiday, I couldn't help but be reminded of this verse that talks about the heavens declaring the Glory of God. There was such incredible beauty at this lake.
This is the only photo in this calendar that is not from Saskatchewan the rest of the photos are all taken in SK

this photo for January was taken out of our front window at Shell Lake, SK - there are always a lot of blue jays out in winter - we love them - their blues are so much bluer in the winter than in the summer.

this photo for February was taken on a beautiful frosty day at Memorial Lake, SK when I was out driving snowmobile with my daughters - I loved looking up to the heavens to see what kind of photos I can capture. Each time I looked up, there was a great picture and this was one of them.

the photo for March was taken on the Ahtakakoop Native Reserve near Shell Lake, SK when we were visiting some friends there. These horses were eager to pose for me while the sun was setting behind them. It made for some great photos.

I captured these incredible clouds painted by God near Hepburn/Waldheim, SK area. I chose it for the April photo because the colors make me think of Easter and Jesus' death on the cross for our sins and the new life we have in him because he didn't stay in the grave - He Arose! and now lives in heaven, preparing a home for us, his children.

the photo for May is of a baby bird that had been sitting on our grass one day so our daughter picked it up and held it for a bit in our yard in Warman, SK - it couldn't fly yet and we weren't sure where the mother was but God allowed us to have this special time with this little guy for a few moments before it got too scared and fluttered and danced away. I love moments like that with my kids. :-)

The June photo I took on a drive from Shell Lake to Blaine Lake, SK, we so enjoyed watching these clouds and this one little rainbow - it lasted for a long time. The stretch between these two communities is filled with hills and valleys and winding roads - a gorgeous part of Saskatchewan.

July photo taken at Camp Kadesh at Christopher Lake, SK This place is one of my favorite places to be. :-) It was a gorgeous morning and I was out taking photos. I was down by the dock and just as I was about to shoot the picture - the last one on my roll of film, a dog ran out onto the dock. I knew it was gonna be a cool shot and I thanked God right there for what He had given me. I couldn't wait to get into the city to get it developed.

Above you also see a sample page for the month of July to show you the design of each calendar page showing the dates and weeks. Each page is a highlight of a reflection of the photo shown for the month. This design is the same as last year. Hope you like it.

August photo taken at Big Shell Lake, SK I had been out quadding with my son, his friend and one of my daughters. We had stopped at a friend's cabin to say hello and my daughter had walked out onto the dock - I saw a great photo opportunity! The sunset was beautiful!

This September photo was taken on a drive out by Quill Lake, SK My husband and my son and gone elk hunting in the area out near Fishing Lake, SK with a friend and they had shot an elk. They had the meat made up for it out there and so when the time came for the meat to be picked up, I offered to go get it. I'd never been out in that part of Saskatchewan so I was looking forward to taking some photos in that area. God gave me some great photos that day. There's also one from the area in the Prairie Scenes calendar as well.

One beautiful fall day, my husband and I were out at Waskesui Lake, SK and my hubby was golfing and I was busy shooting photographs with my camera. It was a slow golfing day and they were kind enough to let me walk along with my camera. We heard the sound of the elk calling - wow! - I had never heard it before - it's a very high sound. This big guy was out on the golf course with his harem. :-) I thought it would make a great October photo for this calendar with the verse about 'every created thing giving praise to the Lord.' It looks like that's exactly
what he's doing, praising the Lord. :-)

For the November photo, I chose this photo that I took one evening when my son and I were driving back from a baseball game he had in Wakaw, SK. The sun was setting and the clouds were gathering for a storm. There was an old church, Ukranian Orthodox, I think, on the north side of the highway that runs between Rosthern and Wakaw where this cross was at. I love taking photos of crosses. A photo of a cross is something I like to have in November, remembering what it cost for men to fight for the freedom of our land - but it also reminds me of the cross that Jesus died on for our sins and so we could have everlasting life. I call this picture, "Fading Darkness". The day Jesus died was a dark day and there was storm that day but the sun/Son was coming back and the darkness was fading after the storm would pass.

December photo taken just south of Warman, SK It was another gorgeous frosty day - I think SK has the greatest hoarfrost days! It's definitely a unique, wonderful part of SK winters.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing the photos of the Inspirational Calendars and learning the stories behind each picture. I love hearing the stories behind photos that are taken by others and I thought this year, I would share the stories with you to make it a little more personal. Some photos just have an incredible story to them and it gives the photo so much more meaning when you know the story behind them.

Feel free to contact me should you have any other questions or if you'd like to order some of these calendars for a business or for yourself, personally. Personal calendars are $10.00 each and will not be available until fall. But, it's still important to get your orders in now so that I know how many to get printed. For businesses, the prices again are $2.00/calendar with black imprint on the bottom or $2.50/calendar with color imprint with your logo and business information. It's a minimum of order of 100 calendars.

God bless you!

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