Monday, January 12, 2009

2010 Black & White Saskatchewan Prairie Scenes Calendar

The 2010 Black & White SK Calendar is now available for viewing and preordering.
I am excited about this unique calendar that will bring back memories of days gone by. I had a lot of fun putting it together although it was difficult to choose the photos for this one because there's so many great memories out there. I am thankful to God for giving me the gift of putting this together for you. I hope you enjoy this one.

I'm also excited to announce that I am going with a new printer for this batch of 2010 calendars....Saskatoon Fastprint. They are really looking forward to printing these calendars for me and have enjoyed putting them together with me. Because of this switch in printers, I am pleased to announce that I am able to maintain the price of $2.00/for black imprint and $2.50/color imprint of these calendars. With everything else going up in price in today's world, I am very glad that I can maintain these calendar prices for you. If there are larger orders, there will now be room for adjusting the prices somewhat.

With a minimum order of 100 calendars, and a $30.00 design fee, the cost of the calendars is $2.00 or $2.50 per calendar. Some of you prefer to have your business logo and information in color so that would then be the $2.50/calendar price. With black imprint, the price is $2.00/calendar. Check with me for individual pricing for orders over 300 calendars. You can email me at

Below is a sample of the photos as well as a brief description of where the photo was captured:

the above cover photo - near Hague, SK
I met this couple out near Hague that have this fabulous place with this old kids had a blast here exploring all the cool old stuff. I had taken wedding photos here a couple of years ago and it sure made for many unique and different settings.

January photo - Shell Lake, SK
when I was a child, I remember old wheelbarrows like this one that were used to help around the yard and the garden....or for giving rides in. :-) Oh how I loved having rides in those wheelbarrows.

February photo - south of Prince Albert, SK
This is an old railbed near Prince Albert that still had an old bridge overtop of it. The railbed ran east and west. Makes a good hiking trail now.

March photo - south of Neuanlage, SK
This barn was built by my grandfather and this was the yard that my father had grown up on. I had never met my grandfather as he had passed away before I was born. It was really neat to go and check out this barn and have a bit of a glimpse into the past.

April photo - Warman, SK
Ahhhh, a treasure many men would love to find in the bush to fix up and drive. :-)

May photo - Memorial Lake, SK
A couple of years ago, I had taken wedding photos down by Memorial Lake and the father took his daughter for a ride through the pasture from their home quarter to bring her to the wedding site, to give her away to a young man who was anxiously waiting for her to become his wife. :-)
Reminds me of how this would have been done this way for every wedding before cars were invented.

June photo - South SK River train bridge at Saskatoon, SK
This is a beautiful hiking trail along the Meewasin Trail in Saskatoon that runs alongside the South SK River....the train bridge is a popular crossing for hikers and bikers.

July photo - south of Dalmeny, SK
I loved these two dogs hanging out together on a warm day...the little one in the truck was hoping he'd get to go for a ride....and maybe he did after I left. :-)

August photo - South SK River east of Rheinland, SK
This land where I am standing on taking this photo, is the land that my mother grew up on along the South SK River. She told me a story of how they would go and visit their friends who lived across the river by rowing over in a small boat. When they would come back at night, at times it would be so dark that they just hoped and prayed that they were rowing across the river to get back home and not down river.

September photo - west of Blaine Lake, SK
Whenever we come back from the lake, we often pass the farmers working on the fields during planting time and harvest time. I loved this picture of the grain truck coming up the lane to collect the wheat from the combine.

October photo - Neuanlage, SK
Another memory of days gone old wagon with a sprout of wheat growing along the side. This one's still in really good shape and was standing out in the yard of a home in Neuanlage.

November photo - east of Hague, SK
A couple of years ago, I had taken wedding photos at this site as well....I had the groom pick up his bride pretending to carry her over the threshhold. I loved this old log cabin with this huge tree beside it...I can just picture the small girls in their petticoats running around this yard.

December photo - Osler, SK
One year, a huge blizzard stormed through this area and I had gone out the next day capturing photos of all the snow and the cars in the ditches and the yards with lots of snow piled high to the doors. This place is one of my favorites in I said in the caption earlier, I love log cabins. :-)

I hope you've enjoyed the journey going through this calendar. I look forward to collecting your orders for this one and the other calendars as well. I know you'll enjoy this calendar hanging on your wall for 2010.
God bless!
Lisa Braun

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