Monday, January 19, 2009


The 2010 are nearing completion. The proofs have been worked on and the photographs are posted. Just a couple small changes to make and we're ready to go. They are now available for sale until June 15/09.

I am excited about a couple of changes for the 2010 calendars. Saskatoon Fastprint is very excited to be printing 3 calendars for me for 2010: a Black & White SK Calendar featuring memorable photos from days gone by; a Car Calendar featuring 'cruisin chrome and fast muscle' cars that are locally owned in Saskatchewan; and an Inspirational Israel Calendar featuring photos taken in the land of Israel as well as a photograph from the land of Jordan and of Egypt as well. A great variety to choose from for your 2010 calendars to give to your customers or to use for your fundraisers. There will also be envelopes available for you to purchase along with these calendars. The 2010 calendars will be resized just slightly so that they will fit into a regular 10 x 112 or 13 inch envelope that can be mailed with regular postage.

The prices for the 2010 calendars are staying the same as the 2 previous years: $2.00/calendar for a black imprint of your business logo and information, or $2.50/calendar with a color imprint of your business logo and information. The minimum order is 100 calendars and there is a $30 design fee per order for the printer to set up your design on the bottom of the calendar with your business logo and information.

Orders are now being taken until June 15, 2009. The calendars will be printed in summer and ready to be distributed to you in the fall so that you have plenty of time to have them out to your customers before the end of the year.

If you continue scrolling down, you can view the photos that are in all 3 calendars.
I look forward to hearing from you. God bless you!
Lisa Braun

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Lisa said...

Hi Lisa,my name is Lisa to :-),I was just surfing blogland and came across you in 'enjoying spending time with husband and children'.Im a christan too.I love your photography,I think its just gorgeous...Take care and God bless Lisa