Saturday, January 29, 2011

2012 Saskatchewan Calendars Flyer

So here you have it!  :-)
The lineup of the 2012 Saskatchewan Calendars!

2012 Saskatchewan Prairie Scenes are photos that have been taken around our great province.  As I've been driving around going places, my camera is often with me, ready to take a shot at something that catches my eye.  Kids often say, "We're stopping again mom??"  :-)

2012 Saskatchewan Hidden Treasures are photos that I've taken over the years when we've driven down those back roads, looking for deer or grouse to hunt.  My boys like to hunt every now and then and then I like to go along and hunt so I can "shoot" things with my camera.  :-)  Not all these are taken on back roads though....some are right along a major highway as well.  Can you recognize any of the photos from driving along one of Saskatchewan's 'major' highways?

2012 Saskatchewan Inspirational Women of Praise is definitely one that is close to my heart.  I've always been involved in Women's Ministries in my church and have had many wonderful women come across my life over the years.  Many women have inspired me and so I've wanted to create this calendar for quite some time to share the hearts of women.  Hope you enjoy this inspirational one.

2012 Saskatchewan Wildlife is a special one this year.  Mr. Wayne Shiels was my elementary school teacher and has been a photographer for many years.  He's taught me many things and has always been such an encouragement to me in my photography.  It is such an honor to invite him to share some of his favorite wildlife photos in this special 2012 calendar.  Camp Kadesh is a camp ministry for all ages, it's up at Christopher Lake, SK,  and it's been very dear to my heart and also to Wayne's.  It seems only fitting that a percentage of the sales of this calendar be donated to Camp Kadesh.  I know you're going to love this addition to the 2012 lineup this year with the wildlife photos from Wayne.

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