Monday, January 24, 2011

2012 Saskatchewan Prairie Scenes

The great country scenes of this wonderful province give us many incredible opportunities to take photos.  I love the barns, the wagon wheels, the horses and all the fences....and then there’s the quaint cottages one comes across.  Oh to imagine the life that in some ways seem much more simple.  But at the same time, they had their challenges in those older days too.  I hope this calendar brings you many more good memories of some days gone by, but also of the days here and now.  I thank God for this gift He’s given me to bless you with another fantastic Prairie Scenes Calendar.  God bless you all!

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Cover - near Shell Lake, SK

I love the rolling hills of the prairies. While driving up to Shell Lake, there are many of them and I never get tired of that sight. Between Saskatoon and Regina, the prairies are very flat....but driving through those rolling hills between Blaine Lake and Shell Lake, the beauty is incredible in all seasons.

January - near Warman, SK

The most favorite part of winter for me are the frosty days. When the frost comes out, the beauty of God's creation in the winter months shine forth and make winter all the much more bearable.  :)

February - near Osler, SK

The water levels have been high these past couple of years and it's gotten very close to some of the homes and farms in the area.  But it also makes for some beautiful shots like this one. 

March - Warman, SK

There's not that many places I can get to where the train tracks curve but there is one place in Warman where you can catch shots quite nicely.  I love the skies in this one.  :)

April - Christopher Lake, SK

When you're driving around in the countryside, it's so fun to come across little cottages and ranches.  I love the quaint scene of this place.  Reminds me of days gone by.

May - Elk Ridge, SK

We had the joy of attending a wedding one weekend in May.  The rains came for a while but didn't deter the wedding photos that were taken outside.  We were very blessed with this rainbow that came out and reflected in the pond.

June - Blaine Lake, SK

Take a drive through Blaine Lake and you'll see this quaint little cottage on one of the yards in the town.  It's a cute little town with some great murals on some of the buildings downtown. I'm not sure how old this cottage is, but it's sure held up well.  Reminds me of the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretal.  :)

July - Shell Lake, SK

Driving around Saskatchewan, you will often see horses roaming in the fields.  I will never tire of seeing these sights. So peaceful and gives you such an at home feeling.

August - Saskatoon, SK

I had the pleasure of taking wedding photos at The Willows in Saskatoon.  Off to the side of their parking lot, they have this beautiful red barn that one can have weddings and other celebrations in.  It's a beautiful setting. I love the wagon wheels.  :)

September - near Iroquois Lake, SK

More roaming hills and round it. And out by Iroquois Lake, it's not just the flat prairies's hilly and lots of trees and lakes in the area.  A beautiful place.

October - near Shell Lake, SK

Whenever I come across driveways with the trees stretching overhead, I can't help myself but to stop and take a picture.  I love the angle of this one...thought I'd try something different and it turned out really well.  Autumn is especially beautiful with all the colored leaves.

November - near Martensville, SK

If you know anything about Saskatchewan, you know that we have some GREAT fans of the SK Roughriders football team.  This family has enjoyed displaying their support of this sports team on the backside of their barn facing the highway behind them.  What great fans they are supporting a local team!

December - Memorial Lake Regional Park, SK

SK has many parks and they're all beautiful!  I just love the angle of this photo with the shadows of the trees coming through towards me. The sun just glistens off the rolling hills of the field in the distance.  Early morning or late afternoon are great times to take is great at these times!  :)

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