Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2013 Birds of Saskatchewan

This is the 2nd year that I've invited well-known SK photographer Wayne Shiels to bless us with his amazing photos. We both have a love for the beautiful birds God has created so we thought a Birds of Saskatchewan Calendar for 2013 would be very fitting. Wayne was my Grade 6 teacher many years ago in Warman Elementary School and since I've become more serious with my camera and especially since creating SK calendars since 2007, he has been a mentor to me and a huge encouragement in this journey. I am so blessed to have him join me once again, in this venture to bless you with another great lineup of SK calendars.

"I (Wayne) really appreciate the opportunity Lisa has given me to be a part of this outstanding line of SK calendars. Growing up on a farm in SK, I developed a love for nature. It is a beautiful world that God has created and I've always enjoyed taking pictures of wildlife. Lisa has been an inspiration to me and we both share an incredible passion for God, His Creation and His Love for us all, and of course photography...as well as a passion for Camp Kadesh."

Camp Kadesh at Christopher Lake, SK is a great family ministry that is so dear to my heart, as well as to Wayne's heart. A percentage of the sales of this Birds Calendar will be donated to the camp in recognition of the incredible passion they have of sharing God's love with kids, both young & old...even seniors. We trust this calendar will be a blessing to you!

Lisa Braun    and    Wayne Shiels

Cover - Mallard - Saskatoon, SK

January - Common Redpoll- Beaver Creek Conservation Area, SK

February - Bohemian Waxwings - Warman, SK

March - Sharp-tailed Grouse - Danielson Provincial Park, SK

April - Tundra Swans - Neuhorst, SK

May - Yellow-headed Blackbird - Osler, SK

June - Horned Grebe - Saskatoon, SK

July - Mallard Ducklings - Saskatoon, SK

August - Mourning Dove - Saskatoon, SK

September - Marbled Godwit - Dundurn, SK

October - Swainson's Hawk - Saskatoon, SK

November - Canada Geese - Saskatoon, SK

December - White-breasted Nuthatch - Pike Lake Provincial Park, SK

Wayne Shiels grew up on a farm near Bjorkdale, Sk. Most of his spare time was spent exploring the woods and waters where he developed a love for nature. It was the desire to share the marvels of nature that led him to photography. Recently retired from teaching he feels truly blessed that he and his wife Tanis can spend time together observing and photographing God's creation. Much of their time is spent photographing the birds in the Warman-Saskatoon area. For seeing the intricacy and beauty of a bird one can only stand in awe of the One who created it.
He was baptized at Camp Kadesh on Christopher Lake in June of 2008, and counts as his greatest joy in loving and living for Jesus. He thanks God for the passion of photography, and desires to use this photography to bless others. 

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