Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2013 Bridges of Saskatchewan

Cover photo - Victoria Bridge at dusk - Saskatoon, SK

January - old red bridge no longer in use - near Outlook, SK

February - golf bridge over the Shell River - Shell Lake, SK

March - train bridge and traffic bridge beside it - Prince Albert, SK

April - train bridge - St. Louis, SK

May - Idylwyld Drive Bridge at dusk - Saskatoon, SK

June - the old Borden Bridge no longer in use - near Borden, SK

July - famous Skytrail - Canada's longest pedestrian bridge - Outlook, SK

August - an old bridge by a field - near Krydor, SK

September - College Drive Bridge at dusk - Saskatoon, SK
(yes I enjoyed capturing these bridges at dusk - it was a beautiful evening  :)

October - the old abandoned Trestle Bridge over McCloy Creek - Meskanaw, SK

November - Muskoday Bridge - Muskoday First Nations, SK

December - College Drive Bridge - Saskatoon, SK
photo taken from the top floor of the Sheraton Cavalier Hotel

I love bridges and our province is filled with them. They are numerous and have all been built by strong dedicated people. Many have even risked their lives to complete these difficult tasks so that our worlds could be joined across the rivers. It was such a joy to put this calendar together in a unique way so that each photo is interesting to look at and wants the eye to go beyond it. :)

The purpose of bridges is to bring us from one point to another, often crossing a deep rushing river or a railroad. As a child I have good memories of having picnics by the Borden Bridge. When I go golfing with my husband, the golf course will often have a bridge going over a stream or lake. Bridges add beauty and structure to the areas they're in. I love some of the older bridges like the Victoria Bridge in Saskatoon or the train bridge in Prince Albert. It was so fun coming across the old train bridge on the Melfort highway...I had taken a wrong turn and a very long detour to Prince Albert but was blessed by being able to take photographs of that old trestle bridge. :) I was too busy seeing what I could take pictures of rather than watching the highway signs.

Bridges also remind me of my relationship with God. Had Jesus Christ not died on the cross about 2,000 years ago, we wouldn't have been given the opportunity to have eternal life in Heaven with Him. God provided the "bridge" through Jesus Christ so that we could be given the gift of salvation and receive God's forgiveness for the wrong things that we do when we confess our sins to Him. I am deeply grateful for that otherwise life on this earth would be completely meaningless without that "bridge".

I sincerely hope you enjoy this unique calendar. Printing it in black and white just adds character to them, don't ya think? 

Be blessed my friends!!
Lisa Braun

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