Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2013 Saskatchewan's Inspirational Living Skies

Cover - cross on Cornerstone Church - Saskatoon, SK

January - sunset Blaine Lake, SK

February - sunrise over Warman, SK

March - sunset near the Thickwood Hills of Martens Lake, SK

April - sunset over a large pond along the highway near Blaine Lake, SK

May - beautiful skies reflecting in this water along the road near Vanscoy, SK

June - beautiful captivating sunrise over Christopher Lake, SK

July - stormy skies over the fields near Swanson, SK

August - sunset behind the storm clouds coming over Emma Lake, SK

September - bright skies with storm clouds rolling in over Warman, SK

October - another breathtaking sunrise at Christopher Lake, SK

November - glorious sunrise over this farmyard near Warman, SK

December - incredible sunset skies over the fields near Big Shell Lake, SK

Saskatchewan truly is known for it's Living Skies. I've heard it said that Saskatoon is one of the sunniest cities...and I am so blessed to be living near this beautiful city to enjoy those wonderful sunny days. :)

I love Saskatchewan's skies!! Whether it's a bright sunny day, a storm brewing in the sky, the sunrise mornings or sunset evenings or even a clear night where the Northern Lights are dancing across the heavens....our skies are truly ALIVE!!!

I could just sit for hours watching the clouds in the sky or the sun setting across the lake. The beauty that our Creator God paints for us at times is absolutely breathtaking!! It's often in those moments where I feel His Presence the most and I just marvel at His Glorious Creation! Oooh the power that's displayed in the heavens on a stormy night when the heavens are lit up with lightning! Then... there's the night sky flooded with billions of twinkling stars, the sunsets that make magnificent portraits.....and the list goes on!! We really do have living skies.

It's been quite some time that I've wanted to create this Living Skies Calendar. Sometimes photographs just don't give justice to what the eye actually beholds in the heavens but I trust that what you've found in this calendar has given you a slight taste of the beauty God displays on this planet earth that we have the honor of living on. God bless you my friends!

Lisa Braun

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