Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2014 Saskatchewan Classics Calendar

I've enjoyed putting together another great Classics calendar for you.....hope you enjoy it! :)

Cover taken near Dalmeny, SK

1955 Chev Bel Air
January photo taken near Dalmeny, SK

2008 Dodge Challenger
February photo taken at Grasswood, SK 

1959 Chev Bel Air
March photo taken at Shell Lake, SK

1969 Camero
April photo taken near Dalmeny, SK

1973 Dodge Charger S.E.
May photo taken at the Legends at Warman, SK

1972 Chev El Camino SS
June photo taken near Dalmeny, SK

1972 Pontiac Grand Prix Model J
July photo taken at Memorial Lake, SK

1946 Ford Business Coupe
August photo taken at Saskatoon, SK

1971 Chev Chevelle SS
September photo taken near Dalmeny, SK

1923 Ford Touring Model T
October photo taken at Warman, SK

1968 Plymouth GTX
November photo taken at Warman, SK

sample of the inside calendar opened

1946 Mercury Convertible
December photo taken at Saskatoon, SK

It's been another enjoyable year of having guys with these great 'old' classics to pass through my life so that I can photograph their vehicles. They have such a pride and joy to place them in a photogenic area for me to snap a few shots. I love meeting the people and hearing the stories behind these vehicle and why they have them. I love hearing the stories! It takes shooting the photos to a whole new level. Getting a brief glimpse into their lives and hearing how they've come to purchase or inherit the automobile is wonderful. That's what I love even more than taking the pictures. :)

I thoroughly enjoyed each 'photo shoot' with these vehicles but I must say that my favorite this time was October. Last year we got a new neighbor across the street from us and he had this gem rolled into his garage. It is cool! It is a car much older than I and to hear it's history and what it meant to this dear older fellow, well it just warmed my heart listening to him. THEN, he took me for a ride on a beautiful sunny day! That was such a delight! Riding through my 'small home town' of Warman - which has now grown into a city - was a blast! :)  Of course Mr. Penner was in his glory giving this photographer a ride in his old car, knowing that we'd be taking some sweet shots of it for this 2014 SK Classics Calendar. What a fun hour that was!

So, I want to thank every one of you guys for sharing this piece of your life with me. I hope that these pics in here do your vehicles justice. It's an honor to have them in the calendar this year. Thank you for allowing me this privilege. To all the rest of you, I hope you've enjoyed this edition of yet another Classics Calendar....and if any of you have a classic that you'd like me to come photograph for you, please connect with me and I'd love to take those pics for you. :)

My friends, let's be thankful for the vehicles He's blessed us with to drive around in, it's so easy to take our daily drivers and our not so daily drivers for granted. We have much to be thankful for here in Saskatchewan!

God bless you all!!
Lisa Braun

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