Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2014 Saskatchewan Prairie Scenes Calendar

I hope you enjoy this edition of the Prairie Scenes Calendar that I've loved putting together for you.

cover photo taken near Lac la Peche, SK

January photo taken near Iroquois Lake, SK

February photo taken near Donovan, SK

March photo taken near Neuhorst, SK

April photo taken near Livelong, SK

May photo taken at Turtle Lake, SK

June photo taken near Outlook, SK

July photo taken at Shell Lake, SK

August photo taken near Broderick, SK

September photo taken near Hague Ferry, Hague, SK

October photo taken near Mennon,  SK

November photo taken near Senate, SK

December photo taken near Dalmeny, SK

inside calendar sample

I love driving through the prairies and over the hills and valleys of our beautiful province of Saskatchewan. My family is ever so patient with me when I have my camera along and anyone else going for a drive with me knows there may be stops along the way.  :)  We've been so blessed with such diversity of the land. Growing up in the Warman/Saskatoon area, I thought all of Saskatchewan was flat prairie land because for many years I did not venture out farther than 30 or so kilometers from the area. As a young adult, the first time I drove farther north and east past Prince Albert or out towards Humboldt, I was amazed at the difference between the flatland and the lakeland and hills. I've loved going to different parts of our province ever since, but I still have so many places to venture out to. I love all the thousands of lakes we have, the forests and the beauty of the prairies. God has blessed our land with an abundance of resources and much beauty...I am so thankful for that!

Driving over or by the big old ornate bridges that connect communities together, or stopping at an old church to drink in the serenity and peace of its surroundings, are definitely some of the great aspects of a drive I love. Enjoying a picnic along the shores of one of the beautiful lakes or daring to trespass 'a wee bit' to walk or drive down a lane where the trees wrap up around you to hide the sky....I just love it!! :) Taking a ride with a team of horses through rolling hills past abandoned buildings or relaxing along the shores of the riverbed to enjoy the quietness, just make our hectic lives come to a halt for a time. I love allowing my mind to go back and imagine how the people built those big old barns and I love walking through a historic farmhouse where the wood is all polished and the walls tell of the rich history of days gone by. Taking the time to talk to the people and to hear their stories of these places is such a blessing! And...one day...one day, I'm trusting that I will have the courage to go up in one of those big balloons and see this great province from a bit of a higher vantage point. :)

It was an amazing opportunity in 2012 to be one of the photographers to capture the record breaking harvest in Saskatchewan for Harvest for Kids. Wow! What an amazing day! Thousands of photos were taken by a great team of people. The excitement of the event spread throughout our land. I was told about 10,000 folks came out to witness the record breaking harvest. It was so incredible to see the community spirit, the excitement for 'lil ole SK' to accomplish such a feat and to see all those combines rolling in to line up on the field. What a site to behold! I am so thankful that I got to experience that great day and to run around the fields in front of the combines taking pictures to capture the moment for a lifetime. If you'd like to read up on it or see more photographs, check out their website www.harvestforkids.com/2012 It made me very proud of the people of Saskatchewan!! Go Team SK!!

I hope and pray that you'll enjoy this edition of the SK Prairies Calendar for 2014 as much or even more as I had taking the photos for you and placing them in this calendar. It brings me such joy to receive a phone call or a letter in the mail or a message on Facebook from one of you, telling me how much a photo in this calendar has meant to you. Thank you so much for being such a blessing in my life! I thank God for you and I pray that this year will bring you peace, joy and strength as you journey through this beautiful land on the earth God created for us.

God bless you all!
Lisa Braun

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