Wednesday, May 1, 2013

2014 Saskatchewan Wildlife Calendar

I've had a great time putting together the photos for this unique, black and white SK Wildlife Calendar for you.  I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Cover photo - Whitetailed Deer at Shell Lake, SK
January - Hairy Woodpecker near Little Shell, SK

February - Blue Jay at Shell Lake, SK

March - Richardson's Ground Squirrel near Krydor, SK

April - American Robin at Shell Lake, SK

May - Black Bear in Prince Albert National Park, SK

June - Tiger Swallowtail at Shell Lake, SK

July - Red Fox at Memorial Lake, SK

August - Great Blue Heron at Memorial Lake, SK

September - Whitetailed Deer Fawn at Waskesui, SK

October - Wapiti (Elk) at Waskesui, SK

November - Bull Elk at Waskesui, SK

December - Whitetailed Deer at Memorial Lake, SK

sample of the inside

For the past 2 years, I've had Wayne Shiels share his amazing wildlife photographs with us in the SK Wildlife Calendars. I love his photography and he has always been such an inspiration to me, encouraging me in my photography journey. I've learned a lot from him and have always appreciated his knowledge when it comes to camera technology stuff. :)

People have often asked me why I don't create a wildlife calendar with my own photos. When I see some of the incredible work that's out there, I have often felt that my photographs aren't nearly as good, so I suppose that has held me back a bit. Photography has been a hobby to me, it's not something I've pursued on a real professional level and I know that there are many things I do not know about the business. I love to take photos. I love seeing God's creation and capturing it and I love sharing it with you. But I also know full well that there are many other amazing photographers, like Wayne, who take stunning photos. I love creating these calendars and sharing them with you but I do know that my work is not thee best work out there. I admire and honor those very talented photographers that do this as a profession and are extremely gifted at it. So...setting all that aside, I decided this was the year to take the plunge, push away the intimidated feelings I have of the incredible wildlife work out there and share some of my favorite photos with you of God's creatures.

Shell Lake is an area that I spend a fair amount of my time at to get away from the busy city life and to just escape for a bit. I love the drive there and I love the peaceful setting it has. It is in that area that I see a lot of the wildlife and so that is one of the common places in this calendar...and I guess my other calendars too. :)

I have created a black and white calendar with the Prairie Scenes, the Inspirational and also the Classics in a Hidden Treasures calendar, so for this year, I wanted to create a unique black and white Wildlife calendar. It totally brings out different aspects of the animals and the other details in the photograph. I like it and I hope you enjoy it as well. God has created all these unique creatures, and so many more of them, for our enjoyment, to display His glory but He's also created many of them for our food. I am thankful for that! I am also thankful for you my friends, for allowing me to share this calendar with you. Thank you!

God bless,
Lisa Braun

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