Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2014 Saskatchewan Inspirational Calendar

Putting together an Inspirational Calendar each year is a definitely one thing I love! :)  Hope you enjoy it!

cover photo taken at Elk Ridge, SK

January photo taken near Big Shell, SK

February photo taken near Morin Lake, SK

March photo taken at Moose Jaw, SK

April photo taken at Camp Kadesh at Christopher Lake, SK

May photo taken at Hague, SK

June photo taken near Waskesui, SK

July photo taken at Emma Lake, SK

August photo taken at Shell Lake, SK

September photo taken near Mennon, SK

October photo taken at Saskatoon, SK

November photo taken near Victoire, SK

December photo taken at Meath Park, SK

inside cover sample

Putting together an Inspirational Calendar for you each year has been such a blessing to me. It is my favorite calendar every time because it's so much of what is at the core of my being. God's Inspiration through His Word the Bible, and through His Creation and through life's experiences with people in general are so very important to me. Each day I am inspired...by people, by God's Creation - in the sunsets or the animals I see - the Scriptures that I read, by the experiences I have....each day is an inspiration. I love living and I love every day that I have breath.

This year I thought I would try something a little different by having different types of photos in the calendar for you with the Scripture verse on the side and then surrounding it with black. The black in the background just heightens the intensity of the photo and brings if to life! It reminds me of the evil and darkness in this world and how when life/light are brought into it, the darkness fades. That inspires me! Amidst all the pain and suffering, there is hope and love! Oh how we need that! Humankind would be utterly lost without the Hope that Jesus brings.

A couple things I'd like to highlight in this calendar that inspire me:
one of them being churches; the diversity of their buildings, the rich history behind them and the uniqueness of each person who attends those churches. We all come from different walks of life and each have a life story to tell.... I love listening to those stories. :)

Another inspiration is the meaning behind the September photo: I had an incredible opportunity to be one of the photographers for the Harvest for Kids event in 2012. What an amazing feat for Saskatchewan to break the world record for the most combines harvesting a field at once! It was a super day! Check out their website to find out more www.harvestforkids.com/2012

One more inspiration would be in the October photo and the couple of times that I've had the opportunity to photograph at the Ride for Refuge event in Saskatoon. This event runs every year and the riders raise money for charities of their choice. Our kids had been involved in the past for raising funds for Hands On Street Ministries in Saskatoon and it's been a joy to photograph the riders out on the course along the beautiful riverbanks in the city. If you'd like more information, go on their website at www.rideforrefuge.org/canada

So, I pray this calendar - the photos and the Scriptures and this writeup - have been an inspiration to you! :)  I'm always encouraged to hear from you via email, phone call or Facebook telling me what these calendars have meant to you. That inspires me! Thank you for allowing me to share this calendar with you!

God bless you!
Lisa Braun

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